BobyKey FAQ

A.       Overall BodyKey Program

B.       BodyKey Personalized Assessment

C.       BodyKey Meal Replacement

D.       InBodyBAND

E.        InBodyBAND features/ modes

F.        BodyKey App

G.       BodyKey Challenge

H.       Others 


A. Overall BodyKey Program

1.       What is BodyKey?

The BodyKey by NUTRILITE™ program is a comprehensive and personalized weight management solution! BodyKey program is a collaboration of key elements: assessment tool, scientifically formulated products, and comprehensive services all designed to work together to help you reach your personal weight management goals. It’s personalized and easy.



2.       What are the key components that made BodyKey so special?

The BodyKey by NUTRILITE™ program helps take the guesswork out of weight loss. It’s personalized and easy. 

•         The BodyKey Personal Assessment provides a compass for your wellness journey. It helps you see where you are today, points the way to your best path forward, enabling you to lose weight in a more efficient and effective way.  It also allows you to recalibrate as you move closer to Optimal Health.

•         Based on the results from Assessment, BodyKey provides personalized recommendations on your diet and physical activities plan via the BODYKEY mobile app.  It is uniquely yours and based on what science says you can do—big and small—to make your weight loss journey easier and long lasting. For more information, see “What is BodyKey Personalized Assessment?”[MSJ1] 

•         To guide you and keep you motivated in your entire weight loss journey, BodyKey App is like your live coach to guide you on your meal and exercise plan. It will report your progress at any time you wish. BodyKey has also partnered with InBodyBAND to provide the tracking of your body composition & your physical activity and giving you a seamless experience in your entire weight loss journey. For more information on InBodyBAND, see “What is InBodyBAND?”[MSJ2]


3.       How much weight can I expect to lose if I follow the plan?

You can determine your weight loss goal.  For healthy weight loss, we encourage an average of 1kg per week.  Upon completion of the BodyKey Personalized Assessment, each individual has different eating and exercise plans designed to maximize their success.


4.       How can I join this BodyKey Program?

Only Amway ABO can purchase the BodyKey Jump Start Kit. If you are not yet an Amway ABO, you may visit www.amway.com.ph or any of our Amway Distribution Centers Nationwide. Click to here to contact us.[MSJ3]


5.       What is the duration of the BodyKey program?

It is a 60-day program.  If your desired weight loss goal is higher after the 60-day, you can extend the duration to meet the desired goal.  The program offers a 60-day program to get you into a healthy habit or routine.  Additionally, after 60 days, BodyKey and other Nutrilite products can help you keep the weight off in a healthy way for the long term. 



6.       Is the program designed for children below 12 years of age?

This program is designed for 18 years of age and above.


7.       Where can I learn more about BodyKey program?

You can visit bodykey.ph for more information.


8.       How is BodyKey different from other programs that are being offered by Amway?

BodyKey is the 1st globally branded weight management program offered by Amway.  It is a comprehensive and personalized weight management solution, based on clinically backed science. For more information on the science behind the BodyKey program, see “What is the science behind BodyKey by Nutrilite?”[MSJ4]


9.       What is the science behind BodyKey?

The BodyKey program is offered by Nutrilite.  BodyKey grew from core principles and decades of industry research that have enabled Nutrilite to become the world’s #1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand with over 80 years of leadership in the nutrition and wellness industry.  The BodyKey program takes the guesswork out of weight loss. It is supported by the Nutrilite Health Institute – from nutrition plans to scientifically advanced weight management products to physical activity to setting realistic goals – it helps you safely and effectively lose weight and helps you keep it off.


The BodyKey Meal Replacement is also the No. 1 meal replacement shake globally that contains no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives.* It is developed based on exclusive “BodyKey” taste mapping technology.  It is designed based on your taste.  It is scientifically formulated, well balanced meal containing 12 vitamins and 13 minerals which provides you at least 1/3 of daily nutritional needs while controlling your calorie intake. 


 * “BodyKey by Nutrilite™ Shake limited to powder form, Global Brand rankings based on: Source Euromonitor International Limited; Packaged food, Meal Replacement Slimming, UBN, Retail Value RSP, % breakdown 2014.”


10.   If I have achieved my desired weight, what do I need to do next?

Congratulations! You are encouraged to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  The BodyKey program and Nutrilite Products can help you continue to eat right, fill your nutrition gap by taking the right supplements and exercise regularly to achieve long term wellness.

B.  BodyKey Personalized Assessment Tool

1.       What is BodyKey Personalized Assessment?

The BodyKey Personal Assessment is a clinically backed questionnaire based on scientifically validated science known to give the greatest impact on weight loss.  It is the first comprehensive, global assessment to evaluate an individual’s results in the six key lifestyle components critical to success – Diet, Physical Activity, Mindset, Stress, Sleep, and Meal Habits.  It also uses your results to generate personalized, research-based recommendations that, when followed, make it easier for a wide range of individuals to lose weight and keep it off. For more information on taking the Personalized Assessment, see “How do I take the BodyKey Personalized Assessment?”[MSJ5]


2.       Who designed the questionnaire in the BodyKey Personalized Assessment tool?

The assessment was designed by leading scientists at the Nutrilite Health Institute after in-depth study of the most accurate, research-based, globally accepted tools for evaluating an individual’s current status in six key lifestyle areas — Diet, Physical Activity, Mindset, Stress, Sleep, and Meal Habits. Each section of the assessment is designed around clinical findings and backed by strong scientific rationale.



3.       How often do I need to re-take the assessment?

Once you have achieved your goal or every two or three months, you can re-take the assessment to understand your current stage and also use the result to determine your best path forward. 


4.       If I am not a BodyKey member, can I have the access to the BODYKEY Personalized Assessment Tool?

The BodyKey Personalized Assessment Tool is exclusively for BodyKey member.  Contact your Amway ABO to find out more or to sign up as Amway ABO, visit www.amway.com.ph.


5.       How does sleep relate to weight loss?

Research shows that poor sleep can negatively impact hormones that regulate appetite and metabolism, resulting in a higher caloric intake of 250-500 calories per day. And prolonged sleep issues have been shown to result in weight gain or difficulty losing weight.


6.       How does stress relate to weight loss?

Stress reduces the brain’s pleasure chemical, dopamine, which reduces the reward we get from food and can lead to overeating.  When you’re stressed, the primitive part of the brain takes over and the thinking part becomes less active. You tend to make poorer decisions.  Lastly, stress overrides your body’s regulatory system, increases impulsivity and disrupts your energy balance, which will eventually make you less active.


C. BodyKey Meal Replacement

1.       Why BodyKey Meal Replacement is not gluten free? What is the advantage of being gluten free? If it is not gluten free, is there any disadvantage?

At this time, Nutrilite™ products are not certified gluten-free. Although we follow strict Good Manufacturing Practices cleaning processes, foods and dietary supplements manufactured on shared equipment may result in trace amounts of gluten. While most Nutrilite products that we manufacture contain little or no gluten, we are not able to continually guarantee gluten-free status due to the potential for cross-contamination.


Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and crossbreeds of those grains. It is not tolerated by people with celiac disease, a hereditary, chronic inflammatory disorder that damages the small intestine and interferes with the absorption of nutrients.

In the US, current Food & Drug Administration regulations define the term “gluten-free” as containing less than 20 parts per million (milligrams per kilogram of food) gluten. Current US Food & Drug Administration regulations bring the definition of “gluten-free” more in line with similar standards in Europe and Canada.

At this time, NUTRILITE products are not certified gluten-free. Although we follow strict Good Manufacturing Practices cleaning processes, foods and dietary supplements manufactured on shared equipment may result in trace amounts of gluten.

2.       Are gluten- free products superior to those that are not gluten-free?

There is no evidence to suggest that gluten-free products are healthier or of higher quality than products that are not gluten-free. 


3.       Does the Nutrilite Health Institute have a formal position regarding gluten-free diets?

The Nutrilite Health Institute does not have a formal position regarding gluten-free diets. However, our scientists are continually monitoring the literature to ensure that NUTRILITE™ products remain safe and effective. Based on their assessment, they have provided guidance for people following a gluten-free diet.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and crossbreeds of those grains. It is not tolerated by a small number of people with celiac disease, a hereditary, chronic inflammatory disorder that damages the small intestine and interferes with the absorption of nutrients.

Gluten-free eating has become popular with people who want to improve their health and those who have a history of digestive complaints.  For digestive complaints, consulting a physician to ensure a proper diagnosis would be advisable before starting a gluten-free eating plan. 

People with no formally diagnosed gluten intolerance may still choose to follow a gluten-free diet. However, gluten-free products are often not a healthier food choice. Many gluten-free products are high in calories, fat, and sugar so it is still important to check food labels.

The Nutrilite Health Institute promotes a diet rich in plant foods, including a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as this pattern of eating has been consistently shown to promote optimal health. Whole grains are a great source of fiber, nutrients such as B vitamins, and phytonutrients. It is difficult to consume an adequate amount of healthy whole grains when following a gluten-free diet. Whole grain gluten-free choices such as amaranth, millet, and quinoa can help ensure a healthy and balanced gluten-free eating plan.

People following a gluten-free diet may also desire gluten-free dietary supplements. If they have celiac disease or formally diagnosed gluten intolerance, this is a requirement that must be followed. However, for people who are following a gluten-free diet to improve overall health or to reduce mild digestive complaints, a gluten-free supplement is not likely to provide any additional health benefit.

4.       We use Fructose & Sucrose in BodyKey Meal Replacement, is there any reason for using both sugar?

This is a controversial area of science, therefore we are focusing our efforts on reducing the overall sugar content of our products rather than promoting one source as better as or worse than the other.  We are also trying to use blends so as not to have too high a level of any single sugar source. The combination of Fructose and sucrose imparts more sweetness in combination than alone. Therefore we can reduce overall sugar content while maintaining the desired sweetness level.


5.       Is there any dairy used in the BodyKey Meal Replacement?

The raw material which is used in our MR formula is a fat powder that includes some dairy; therefore, it is not considered to be a nondairy creamer. It is a nutrient source that simply delivers energy and helps deliver a creamy texture and good taste. The amount of fat in this product falls within a healthy range of dietary intake so the presence of these ingredients is not a disadvantage.



1.       What is the InBodyBAND?

InBodyBAND is a fitness/activity tracker that measures body composition, heart rate, activity levels such as steps you take, distance you travel and calories you burn. It can also measure your sleep at night. Synced with a smartphone through Bluetooth, it also provides incoming call/text notifications. As a complex activity tracker, it also reminds its user to be more active when he/she is inactive for a certain amount of time. InBodyBAND is the only and 1stfitness tracker which comes with body composition measurement.  Amway is the sole distributor of this product in SEA/ANZ.


2.       Who is InBody?

InBody is a Korean company that specializes in professional body composition analyzers and has more than 20 years of experienced in the body composition industry. It is the first medical device manufacturer that launched the 8-electrodes segmental body impedance analyzer models in hospitals, fitness centers, professional sport teams and hotels.


3.       What is InBodyBAND made of?

Wrist Band material (TPSiV) and the screen are made of (Acrylic with UV coating) with OLED. TPSiV is a silicon-based rubber material which is popular material for smartphone cases for its skin-friendly and UV/chemical resistant.  In terms of screen, the acrylic with UV coating and Organic LED (OLED) are selected to make sure users can read the screen even under the strong sunlight. It is bright enough to be read night and day.


4.       What type of technology that InBodyBAND is using to measure body fat? How does it work?

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is considered one of the most reliable and accessible methods of screening body fat.  BIA measures the impedance or resistance to the signal as it travels through the water that is found in muscle and fat.  Thus, the more muscle a person has, the more water their body can hold. The greater the amount of water in a person's body, the easier it is for the current to pass through it. In other words, more fat equals higher resistance. With this technology built in the InBodyBAND, and with the information such as your body weight and height, the band is able calculate your body fat by percentage. Users can use this number as an indicative number to improve his /her overall fitness level


It is the first and only activity tracker that calculates Percent Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, BMR and BMI. Utilizing two finger electrodes on the top of the band and two wrist electrodes at the bottom of the screen, the InBodyBAND calculates your body composition in less than ten seconds. It also tracks heart rate with ECG electrodes, sleep patterns, calories eaten and consumed, and steps taken. InBodyBAND also connects to user’s smartphones via Bluetooth, and all data can be uploaded and monitored through the BodyKey App. InBodyBAND combines technology of BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance) with the accessibility of an activity tracker.


5.       How accurate is the InBodyBAND?

For maximum accuracy, InBody has conducted a wide variety of test in different situations, during the development of the InBodyBAND. For normal walk/run, accuracy of the step count is 90% accurate. There may be some difference based on walking patterns.


Since the InBodyBAND is designed to be worn on the wrist, accuracy may be compromised if you frequently engage in activities with a lot of body movement but little arm movement (and vice-versa). This is common among on all wrist-worn activity trackers that are available in the market. Walking that truly help improving the health must be persistent and long, and walking less than a few steps is not actually meaningful in terms of body management.


In terms of body composition analysis, the reproducibility of InBodyBAND is 1% under a controlled environment. The accuracy, on the other hand, depends on the balance of upper and lower bodies since it can only measure the impedance of upper body. In case of well-balanced body, the body composition analysis is expected to be as accurate as other body composition analyzers for households.

6.       How can I buy the InBodyBAND?

The InBodyBAND is not available on its own. It is part of BodyKey Jump Start Kit. 


7.       Is InBodyBAND available in stores other than Amway in the Philippines?

No. Amway Philippines is the exclusive distributor of InBodyBAND in the Philippines.


8.       Can the InBodyBAND work independently from the App? 

The app is designed for the use of InBodyBAND as well.  If you are using InBodyBAND, you are required to have the BodyKey mobile app.  You are able to use the InBodyBAND even if you didn’t activate your master code. You may need the app at the first place to enter your height, weight, target goal, etc. After the initial setup, InBodyBAND is also a perfect stand-alone device, which means that you can still use the device without the app. However, as your weight changes, you are recommended to conduct the InBody test with the app so that your weight can be updated accordingly.  Besides the InBody test, you may use the InBodyBAND independent for the step counting and heart rate measurement.  


9.       Why am I not able to connect the InBodyBAND with the BodyKey App?

InBodyBAND uses bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone.  Please make sure your phone’s bluetooth is turned on.  When establishing a connection, ensure that the two connecting devices are within a closer range; and during a bluetooth data transfer, do not place any obstacle between the device and the connnecting device. Sometimes connection/data transferring failed was due to weak or unstable internet connection.


10.   Is there any warranty on the InBodyBAND?

The InBodyBAND carries 1 year manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase.


The InBodyBAND warranty does not cover:

•         Damage, accidental or otherwise, to the InBodyBAND while in the possession of a consumer not caused by a defect in material or workmanship.

•         Damage caused by accident, misuse, tampering with or failure to follow the care and special handling provision in the manual.

•         Damage and/or scratches to the finish of the band, screen or other components cause by wear or accident.

•         Damage caused by significant impact or contact with water.

•         Damage caused by repairs or alterations of the InBodyBAND by anyone other than Amway Service Center.

11.   How should I wear my InBodyBAND and which wrist should I wear on it?

The InBodyBAND has an adjustable clasp so it can fit almost all wrist sizes. Position the band so that button faces away from the wrist. Align the clip to one of the holes on the band and fasten the band. It should be worn on your non-dominant wrist with the sensor.





12.   Is it water resistant? Can I wear it for swimming?

InBodyBAND is water-resistant/flash resistant for the purpose of washing your hand, but not for shower and swimming. However, it would be best if it can avoid moisture as much as possible and to ensure the micro USB cover close properly all the time to prevent water getting into the USB port.


13.   My InBodyBAND does not power on?

Please charge your InBodyBAND first. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds, if it still does not power on even after the battery is fully charged, the charger might not be receiving enough power from the USB port or the USB port may be malfunctioning.


14.   Does the data on the InBodyBAND get erased after a day?

The InBodyBAND can store data for a maximum of 7 days if the data is NOT uploaded to the BodyKey Mobile App. Please note that the body composition will not save unless conducted using the BodyKey mobile app.  Once the data is transferred to the app, then the band will no longer store the previous days’ data any more. 

15.   Why does the InBodyBAND battery degrade/deteriorate over time?

Like any rechargeable device in the market, a healthy battery with ions flow freely between a cathode and an anode. Charging a battery forces ions from the cathode to the anode; using the battery reverses the flow. Over time, this process wears out the cathode, which results in reduced capacity. A high-end lithium-polymer battery can lose about 20 percent of its capacity after 1000 charge cycles. Another way to think of this is to imagine that every time you recharge your device, you shave a few seconds off its maximum battery life. Erratic charging and heat speed up this degradation.  The estimated shelf life of the battery (under normal use circumstances) is 3 years. The battery is not replaceable.


16.   Why do I need to charge my InBodyBAND more often lately?

If you conduct InBody Test and Heart Rate Test more than 5 times a day or you have a lot of notifications (SMS/call), your InBodyBAND battery will run out faster and you need to charge more frequently.


17.   Can I clean my InBodyBAND with Amway Dish Drops or LOC Multi-Purpose Cleaner?

Use a clean, damp cloth to clean it. For dirty stain on the band, we suggest to clean with alcohol/toothpaste.


18.   I lost my Micro USB cable, can I use other cable to charge my InBodyBAND?

Yes, you can use normal standard genuine smartphone USB cable to charge your InBodyBAND.


E. InBodyBAND Features/ Modes

1.       Time    

a.       The time shown is not accurate, how can I change it to our local time?

There are 2 ways of setting up the time (i) When you have installed BodyKey App on your smartphone as instructed and have connected the InBodyBAND to the app over Bluetooth, when the connection is established, the time is set to the current time; or (ii) Set the time manually – at the time screen, press and hold the button for 3 seconds to set the current time. The digits, indicating time will start flashing when you press and hold the button for 3 seconds. Press the button to set the hour, and then press and hold the button for 1 second to set the minute. When you finished setting the current time, press and hold the button for 3 seconds to finish the setup.

b.       I am not able to set the time manually after syncing the InBodyBAND with the BodyKey app?

The time will be automatically set up when you connect to your smartphone.


c.        Will the “Time” be automatically changed if I travel to a different time zone?

The “Time” will not change automatically in different time zones.  As the InBodyBAND is paired and synced with your smart phone, it follows the time set in your mobile phone. If you wish to change the time manually, see 1a. question for the instruction.[MSJ6]



2.       InBody Test

a.       What is InBody Test?

InBody Test is a measurement of Body Fat of your upper body. The test result will be shown Percentage of Body Fat on screen.


b.       Why am I not able to measure InBody Test?

The InBody Test mode may not be used while the product is charging. It also requires good contact between all four electrodes and your skin. Please make sure that your hands do not touch each other. If you have very dry skin or hairy skin, it may affect the test as well.



c.        How does InBodyBAND measure my body fat?

You must install the BodyKey App and sync with your InBodyBAND before taking the InBody Test. The Body Fat measurement will take into account on your height and weight. You can also do the InBody test without the app, but the result will not be saved.


d.       How to get an accurate test result?

The Body Fat Measurement will take into account on your height and weight. Therefore, you must key in your personal information on the BodyKey app before you conduct the InBody Test.  Please make sure your posture is correct during the test.


e.       InBodyBAND measures Body Fat Mass from the upper body. For a person with “Pear-shaped” body, will the data be as accurate?

The data accuracy difference between InBodyBAND and Professional InBody Device is around 3%. Because the InBodyBAND measures the Body Fat Mass from the upper body part, if a person with "Pear-shaped" body did the InBody Test, the data accuracy difference can be higher than 3%. It depends on the percentage of body fat mass in the upper or lower body.

f.        I have “water retention” issues, will the Body Fat Mass data be as accurate?

A person with “water retention” issue will affect the Body Fat Percentage reading because InBodyBAND measures the impedance which total body water is calculated. Based on InBody’s unique algorithms, the muscles mass and body fat are calculated from the amount of the total body water. It is recommended to monitor/record your body fat reading every day for a month to establish a baseline for your body fat percentage.


g.       Can a patient with pacemakers or other medical implants be able to use InBodyBAND?

Patients can use InBodyBAND to track sleep and steps, but they are not allowed to conduct the InBody Test and Heart Rate because InBodyBAND uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to analyze body composition. The body impedance measures using the micro Alternating Electric Current (AC) which pass low intensity and harmless electric signal from the electrodes to our body. With this, there is a minute risk that the signal could cause a pacemaker or other implanted medical device to malfuntion.


h.       Why do you not encourage pregnant women to use InBodyBAND and to conduct InBody Test?

InBodyBAND uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). It is not harmful to the body; however, pregnant women’s body compositions change considerably in order to support the developing child. Under these circumstances, body fat percentage reading could be inaccurate and misleading.



3.        Heart Rate

a.       How does InBodyBAND measure my heart rate?

InBodyBAND employs Electrocardiogram (ECG) to measure the heart rate. When a heart pumps blood, it sends out an electric signal. Using the electrodes, InBodyBAND directly measures the electric signal from the heart, providing accurate results.

b.       Why am I not able to measure my Heart Rate?

It happens when the wrist electrodes do not touch your wrist completely or your fingers do not touch the fingers electrodes gently. Ensure your hand must not touch one another. If you have very dry skin or hairy skin, it may affect the test as well.  Apply some lotion to improve the contact.


c.        Why do we need to measure heart rate as it is not shown in the BodyKey App?

Exercise is part of the most important step toward achieving weight loss goals. A heart rate monitor helps you to ensure that you are working at the correct intensity to burn the most calories. 




4.       Steps

a.       How does InBodyBAND track my movement?

The InBodyBAND uses a 3D motion sensor to detect movements. When worn on the body, the motion sensor converts all movements into digital measurement values (data). The InBodyBAND analyzes the digital data to provide detailed information concerning frequencies, durations, intensities, and movement patterns, and determine the number of steps walked, exercise duration, calories burned, and distance covered.


b.       Why isn’t the step count increasing when I walk with my InBodyBAND?

InBodyBAND will start counting from 8th step onward. It may be considered as a threshold. If a person walks only a few steps and rest, his/her body won’t burn much energy. Only the continuous/long walking would consume colories, which may be converted as walking steps.


c.        My InBodyBAND recorded more/less steps count? Please follow the troubleshooting steps:

1.       Wear the InBodyBAND and take 100 steps.

2.       Click on the side button to check your Step count.

3.       Continue walking and you should see the step count increase.

§  If there is a deviation of an average of +/- 10%, the band is not defective.

§  A person who recorded a lot more/less than an average of +/- 10%, it could be due to abnormal walking pattern or soft walk whereby the band is unable to track step count accurately.


d.       Will the InBodyBAND counts the step if I were to cycle,  do yoga, or other non-step based workouts?

The InBodyBAND uses a 3D motion sensor to detect movements. If there is no movement, it will not detect any step.  However, the BodyKey app allows you to record non-step physical activity.  Check out the app to “Add Activity” by keying the intensity and time for such activity to calculate the calorie burn.


e.       InBodyBAND will track steps and calories burnt. If I wear InBodyBAND for hiking, will the total calorie burn be duplicated if I add “hiking” in my activity record? Should I take the calorie record from the InBodyBAND or activity record?

If you add "hiking" in your activity record compared to wearing the InBodyBAND for hiking, the total calorie burn will be counted double.  The InBodyBAND calculates the calorie burn by using METS methods. It means the calorie burn will be measured by weight, the speed of walk, etc. Because "hiking" is basically a walking activity and InBodyBAND measure walking activity,  so we recommend to take the calorie record from the InBodyBAND.


f.        Does the InBodyBAND calculate steps even while working seated?

A wide range of test have been conducted for typing, writing, computing and other types of office activities. In general, the InBodyBAND does not calculate steps while working seated. However, additional steps may be recorded when you make big arm movements.



5.       Sleep


a.       How does InBodyBAND track/measure Sleep Pattern?

The InBodyBAND uses a precision motion sensor and powerful algorithm to automatically track your sleep based on your movement. If there is no movement for a period of time, it is recognized as sleep and sleep algorithm is executed to measure the sleep. But if the sleep time is too short (less than 1 hour), it may not be measured. If there is a lot of movement when you start to sleep, the actual sleep measurements will be much later time than the start of sleep measurements.


b.       Does InBodyBAND track when we are taking a nap?

InBodyBAND uses a precision motion sensor and a powerful algorithm to automatically track your sleep based on your movement, it can also measure a nap. But if the sleep time is less than 1 hour, the sleep pattern may not be measured since the motion sensor cannot track the movement.


c.        The InBodyBAND recorded that I am sleeping although I did not sleep at that hour?

This scenario will happen when you put your InBodyBAND at an angle or watching TV without any movement. The band will track this as sleep.


d.       Does InBodyBAND release electricity to the body if we wear it all day long even during sleep?

No. InBodyBAND complies with FCC rules whereby the device may not cause any harmful interference on human body


6.       Accurate Test Guidelines

To get an accurate test for InBody Test and Heart Rate test. Examinee must maintain proper posture to have accurate test results.

·         The arm electrodes must touch your wrist completely and your finders must touch the hand electrodes completely.

·         Your arms must not touch the sides of your body. It is strongly recommended to wear shirts with sleeves.

·         Your hands must not touch one another



F. BodyKey App

1.       Where can I get the BodyKey app?

BodyKey App is a mobile app. It is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  Search for “BodyKey.”


2.       How to become a BodyKey member?

To be a BodyKey member, you need to:

·         Purchase a BodyKey Jump Start Kit which comes with a Master Code for the BodyKey Mobile App 180-day access.

·         Download the BodyKey Mobile app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

·         Upon completion of the mobile app installation, you will be prompted to input some basic information upon download.

·         To activate your BodyKey membership, select “Assessment” icon on the dashboard page, and you will be prompted to input the master code. Follow the instruction to complete the registration.


3.       I lost or misplaced my master code, is there any way I can retrieve it?

The Master Code is printed on the Official Receipt upon purchase of your BodyKey Jump Start Kit. Kindly keep your purchase receipt for future reference.


4.       I am not able to retrieve/forget my BodyKey App password.

You can reset your password in the app. Go to “Setting”, then click “Profile” to rekey your password. When you are on log in page, after keying in your mobile number, select “Find Password” then a temporary password will be sent to your email address that you used to register with BodyKey app earlier on.  Once you logged in, you are free to reset your password.


4.       Will my BodyKey membership expire?

Yes.  Your membership is valid for 180 days. You can activate again by keying in a renewal code. Each renewal is valid for 180 days.


5.       How can I renew my BodyKey membership?

You may obtain the renewal code by purchasing the BodyKey Renewal Kit.  Input the renewal code on your app upon the expiry of the previous code then you can continue enjoying all features up to another 180 days.  Upon expiry, select “Assessment” and you will be prompted to key in renewal code accordingly.


6.       What are the additional features in the BodyKey app which a registered BODYKEY user can enjoy? 

You are able to use the BodyKey Assessment Tool for 180 days for each activation of Master Code and Renewal Code. Upon completion of Assessment, you will receive a personalized diet plan and exercise plan. Meanwhile, you are eligible to participate in any BodyKey Challenge if it is conducted by the company.


7.       How do I know when my BODYKEY membership is due for renewal?

You will receive a notification/message through the App 14 days before expiration.


8.       Can I use a renewal code for my 1st time activation of BodyKey membership?

No. You need your Master code by purchasing the BodyKey Jump Start Kit. It is a pre-requisition for 1st time activation and it can be followed by multiple renewal codes for renewal every 180 days.


9.       Will the BodyKey app work in all mobile platforms?

No. It is compatible with Android BLE compatible and iOS 7 or later.  This mobile app is optimized for iPhone 4s, 5, 6, and 6plus; on the other hand, for Android smartphones with Jelly Bean 4.0 and later versions.


10.   Who can I contact if I have any technical problem with the apps?

You may contact AMWAY Customer Service Team at (02) 814.8181.



11.   What does “InBody Score” mean on the BodyKey app?

InBody Score is an index used to understand the state of one’s muscle and fat analysis. The score at 80 points is ideal, it indicates well-balanced of fat and muscle in your body.  There are rooms for improvement if your score is below 80.


12.   My Body Fat Mass is normal but Body Fat Percentage falls in the high category. What are the criteria to determine the normal range of Body Fat Mass?

The formula for Body Fat Percentage is “(Body Fat ÷ Weight) x 100”. If a person's Body Fat Mass falls in the normal range but his/her Body Fat Percentage is high, the person is basically skinny but has low muscle and high Fat Mass. He/she will be considered as falling under the category of Skinny Obesity Type.


13.   I lend my InBodyBAND to my friend for a few days, how can I delete his/ her record so it won’t be captured in the BodyKey Mobile App?

When you pair the band with your app, you may follow the instruction to conduct InBody test accordingly.  Meanwhile, the app will also capture the step data from the band of that day (just 1 day).  You may start a new day the following day.


G. BodyKey Challenge

1.       How do I participate in the BODYKEY Challenge?



2.       Do you have to be a Filipino Citizen to qualify?

This Challenge is open to all Amway Business Owners (ABO) who are legal residents in the Philippines, with age 18 years old and above.


3.       Who is eligible to be the team leader?

The leader team must be a valid Amway ABO.  At least ONE (1) member must be a new ABO (with less than 90 days membership from the date of registration in the challenge.)    


4.       Can I join or form more than 1 team?

No.  Each participant can participate once during the entire Challenge registration period.


5.       What is the duration of each Challenge?

This Challenge is a 60-day program. Once you are ready to form a team, you may join any time during the registration period.


6.       Do I (as a participant) need to submit any before and after photo?

Yes.  Team leader will be responsible to submit your photo (“before” & “after” pictures) at the end of the challenge. Lead time given is 10 days.


7.       How do I qualify for weekly prizes?

Once you register to join the 60-Day BODYKEY Challenge, you are automatically entered into the bi-weekly and monthly contest. Check out bodykey.ph for more details.


8.       How will I receive my prize and how long will it take? Can I track it?

Winning teams will be notified and contacted by Amway Marketing. Announcement will be made via BodyKey Mobile App, BodyKey Website, Quickmail, and Amway ColorUrLife Facebook Page. Prizes are to be claimed by the Team Leader in behalf of the whole team at the nearest Amway Distribution Center, or during Amway scheduled training, caravans and/or events. Team Leader must provide photocopies of Valid IDs per team member. A photo will be taken during prize claiming. Winning teams may contact Amway Philippines – Marketing at (02) 814.8181 or helpdesk-ph@amway.com. Unclaimed prizes on or before March 31, 2016 will be forfeited and shall be used upon the discretion of Amway.


9.       Can I get cash or exchange my prize?

No, cash is not an option. All prizes are not transferrable nor exchangeable for cash or refundable.


10.   What are the criteria for the grand prize? How is this judged? 

Upon completion of the Challenge, the team leader is required to submit team members’ photo and story. The story is limited to 8,000 characters with spaces. The story will be judged based on the following criteria.










Overall Weight Loss (based on photo entry)






Percentage of Weight Loss

                (Initial Weight – Final Weight)/Initial Weight






Success Story Score**

                Compelling team’s transformation weight loss journey

                How the team overcome emotional and physical barriers

                Overall team spirit

                Overall improvement on appearance and wellness level

                Joy of achievement














All participating teams are competing against all teams within the Amway Philippines ABO Community. The top 1 team will be notified by email or telephone in accordance with the information provided on the BodyKey sign-up.



11.   How is this judged?

Judging will be done by a panel of selected Amway representatives in Southeast Asia and Philippines offices.



12.   What is the BodyKey score and how is it being determined?

It is determined based on your calorie management, exercise routine, sleep management, disciplines of keeping track of your data during the challenge period.  The BodyKey score helps track how well and how consistent you and your team are utilizing the BodyKey tools and app.  Utilizing the tools effectively will help you and your team stick to the program and reach your goals.


13.   How can my team participate the weekly challenge? And what are the criteria?

Upon joining BodyKey Challenge, your teams will be automatically entered into the weekly and monthly contests.


Bi-Weekly Mechanics:

Criteria - Highest accumulated steps (Prerequisite: Each member has achieved target daily goal of 10,000 steps)

Winner: 1 Team


Monthly Mechanics:

Criteria – Total Team’s Body Fat Lost (Teams must conduct InBody Tests twice – 1st and last day of the month)

Winner: 2 Teams


A team can only win once during the whole Challenge Promotion Period and within their 60 days period.


14.   How does the company know my team’s total calories burnt or total weight loss?

You are required to sync the BodyKey App with the InBodyBAND every day before 12 midnight.  To make sure your data is updated to our system, the BodyKey App must be wifi-connected on daily basis.  From the data collected, Amway will able to determine the winning team.  Every team can only win once during their 60-day period. So, all teams are encouraged to input the data daily and transfer the info from the InBodyBAND promptly.


15.   What if I become pregnant during my participation of the Challenge?

If you become pregnant during the Challenge or you are pregnant, your entry will be void. If an entry is void or disqualified due to any reason, all team members will no longer be eligible to participate in the Challenge for the on-going season.


16.   Is there any guideline to follow with regard to photo submission?

Upon completion (or after Day 60), Team Leader must submit the team’s story, 16 individual photos (before and after), and 1 group photo within Days 61 to 70 only.


The 16 individual photos will be each member’s 4 photos (2 before photos and 2 after photos) based on given guidelines below:

·         In full length front and side body shot

·         Preferable with the same clothing and tighter fit to see the difference

·         Participant must be wearing the InBodyBAND in the photo



17.   When can I find more information with regard to the BodyKey Challenge?

You may visit bodykey.ph for more information.


H. Others / After Sales Service


1.       Why does InBodyBAND come with such a short warranty period as compare to the rest of the high ticket item offered by AMWAY?

InBodyBAND comes with 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. This is a standard warranty period offered by most wearable fitness trackers in the market.    


2.       Why is the InBodyBAND battery not replaceable?

InBodyBAND battery is not replaceable because it is fully integrated with the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in the device.


3.       How can we switch the info on the BodyKey App to a new phone?

Download the BodyKey App on your new phone and key in your profile (password and mobile number) that you registered with the BodyKey App.


4.       I have recently changed a new phone with a new mobile number; can I move my existing data to my new phone with my new mobile number?

You may download the BodyKey App to your new phone and key in your old mobile number and password to login.  Once you log in, you can update your mobile number.


5.       When the InBodyBAND is not properly connected/synced with the Bodykey App, please follow the below troubleshooting steps:

a.        Close all the apps that are running on your phone. They may be interrupting the Bluetooth pairing.

b.       Turn off the Bluetooth function and turn it on again.

c.        Restart the BodyKey app and the Bluetooth pairing.

d.       If customer is still experiencing the same problem, please restart their smartphone.


6.       How can we retrieve all our data if we accidently delete the BodyKey App or switch to a new phone?

Download the BodyKey App on your new phone and login in with your original mobile number and password that you have registered earlier.   


7.       Can I return the BodyKey Jump Start Kit or the InBodyBAND under Amway Satisfaction Guarantee Policy?

BodyKey Jump Start Kit is excluded from the Amway Satisfaction Guarantee. Sealed original and resellable BodyKey Jump Start Kits can be returned within 90 days from the date of purchase to Amway Distribution Centers for a full reimbursement upon presenting Official Purchase Receipt. Opened BodyKey Jump Start Kits can only be returned within 90 days from the date of purchase if all components are included in a resellable manner and packaging boxes are still sealed.


8.       If I am no longer able to turn on the InBodyBAND due to bad battery, how can I check the serial number?

You are not able to check the serial number once the battery is totally “dead”. However, you may still check the serial number from the original packaging of your InBodyBAND.


9.       Can I replace my InBodyBAND’s strap or clip if it is worn or lost?

Yes, please contact our customer service for purchase procedure.